How to become a member of the GIFTS-AMR network?

  • The aims of this website are:
    • to build a global GIFTS-AMR network of researchers and research institutes that are involved in research in the field of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)/ Integrative Medicine (IM) & prevention and/ or treatment of infections in the context of the global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) problem
    • to provide easy access to CAM/ IM & AMR researchers, research institutes, networks, project information, publications, events, …
  • Research institutes can become a member of the website on the following preconditions:
    • The research institute is doing research in the field of CAM/IM & AMR
    • The research institute works with state of the art research methods
    • Is willing to, at least quarterly, update the own institute part of the website, regarding contact information, fields of interest, projects and publications of the own institute, according to a predefined format
  • The website will be built and maintained by the Louis Bolk Institute. In case of misuse of the website LBI is entitled to exclude persons or institutes from the website.
  • Every research institute will get access to their own part of the website, where they are able to provide input and updates on contact information, fields of interest, projects and peer-reviewed publications of the own institute.
  • Every research institute is able to communicate with the website community (searches, news) in a members-only part of the website.
  • A list of projects, publications and events will be fully accessible also for non-members.


If you are interested to participate in the GIFTS-AMR network and fulfill the criteria, please complete the following questionnaire. After checking your completed questionnaire, your wish to participate will be discussed within the network. Then you will receive subsequently if your request is granted and if so, you will receive the information to get access to the members-only part of the website.

Prof. Dr. Erik W. Baars

Project manager JPIAMR 10th call project “Network T&CM alternatives for antibiotics worldwide: Global Initiative for Traditional Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance (GIFTS-AMR)”