Louis Bolk Institute

Strengthening natural systems

For more than 40 years we at the Louis Bolk Institute (LBI) have been developing knowledge for sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health – three areas that, in our view, are interconnected. The overarching themes of our work are nature-inclusive agriculture and positive health. Our projects are aimed at strengthening natural systems and processes, whether these relate to agricultural areas, soils, farms, patients, or urban neighbourhoods. We conduct our projects in close collaboration with stakeholders, resulting in participatory solutions that work in practice. This way, we contribute to health and vitality, resilient food systems, and a climate-proof, sustainable human environment.


Partners in the CAM & AMR projects

LBI’s work with respect to this research and the development of a European and international AMR research strategy is co-funded by the Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) e.V., Germany.