Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria


Medical University of Varna
Prof. Marin Drinov str., 55, Varna 9002, Bulgaria.


D. Vankova

Short introduction

Medical University of Varna (MU-Varna), Bulgaria is a high-tech university and has 60nyears of history and traditions in education and research ( MU-Varna offers high quality of training and research. MU-Varna more than 82 international partners from 5 continents.
MU-Varna supports multi-disciplinary research projects in the fields of medicine, pharmacy and public health. Currently, MU-Varna participates in many international scientific projects:
There is a growing interest in the area of T&CM therapies and research among the university scientists. Since the year 2013 a Center for Eastern Medicine has been founded at the MU-Varna. Phytotherapy which is closely related with the Bulgarian traditional herbal medicine practices is the most researched area. Other T&CM methods are also focusing academic interest such as homeopathy, Schuessler’s tissue salts therapy etc.
On the 25 of February 2021 was defended the first PhD in medicine with a research field CAM and homeopathy by Dr Iskra Kapincheva, MD, HD, supervisor Assoc. prof. D. Vankova.

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